Perry Attacks Romney’s Health-Care Program

Rick Perry attacked Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts health-care program during Thursday’s Fox News/Google debate, while Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann tried to reframe her controversial comments after the last debate about the HPV vaccine. Pizza magnate Herman Cain kicked off the bashing of President Obama’s health-care plan with his claim that under that plan, he would have died from colon and liver cancer. Romney tried hard to establish the difference between Massachusetts’s universal health-care program and Obama’s health-care program, but Perry hit back with an attack that Romney had omitted a line from his book saying that Americans need a health-care plan similar to the one in Massachusetts. Meanwhile, Bachmann tried to recover from her claim after the last debate that HPV caused a young girl to become "mentally retarded" by attacking Perry for being in the pharmaceutical company’s pocket. Perry said he had been lobbied by a young woman with cervical cancer, and said, “If I erred, I erred on the side of life and I will always err on the side of life.”