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Perez Hilton Picks a Twitter Fight With Housewife

Another day, another Twitter war for blogger Perez Hilton, who on Monday said that Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel is pregnant. What's more, the blogger says, is that Frankel—who announced over the weekend that she is engaged—was slated to unveil the news in an exclusive story with Us Weekly. "Bethenny premeditated all of this!" a source told Hilton. "She got pregnant and got engaged all for her own [spinoff] show." After posting that on his site, Hilton took to Twitter to taunt Frankel: "Why so quiet?" he tweeted. "Don't worry, I didn't ruin your US Weekly cover. They'll just change the direction of the story! Xoxo." Frankel's only response?: "preggers w perez hilton's 9 blue haired babies.” That prompted Hilton to tell The Daily Beast: "It's a woman's right to publicly confirm a pregnancy when she chooses and it's also her right to lie about not being [pregnant]. I stand by my reporting. You can only deny for so long until a baby bump shows up!" Neither Us Weekly nor Frankel replied to responses for comment. It’s not the first time that Hilton and Frankel have gone at it on Twitter. Last month, she wrote on her feed that Hilton “bullies insecure celebrities until they acknowledge and befriend him.”