Pentagon Under Lockdown

A man walked into the main entrance of the Pentagon at around 6:40 p.m. Thursday and opened fire, hitting two officers. The officers, who both sustained non-life-threatening injuries, shot back and hit the suspect, whose injuries are reported to be more serious. A possible motive was not disclosed. Both the Pentagon and the Pentagon Metro station were closed due to the incident. According to MSNBC, the victims were taken to George Washington Hospital for treatment. In a live ABC News press conference held outside the Pentagon, Chief of Pentagon police, Richard Keevill, said the wounded officers recalled the suspect walking toward them nonchalantly and without signs of distress. The officers believed he was reaching into his pocket for a security pass when he drew a gun and began firing. The incident occurred outside without words being exchanged. Keevill commended the officers for acting quickly and said, “We have layers of security and it worked.” The Associated Press identified the shooter as John Patrick Bedell, a 36 year-old believed to be an American citizen, and according to the AP, a second suspect might be involved.