Pentagon: 4 Civilians Killed in U.S. Fight Against ISIS in February

The U.S. military on Saturday said it recorded four civilian deaths in February in the battle against the Islamic State waged by U.S.-led forces in Iraq and Syria. At least 229 civilians have been caught in the crossfire since the operation began nearly three years ago, the Pentagon said in a statement. The official tally, which puts the civilian death toll much lower than figures offered by human rights groups, comes after the U.S. military was accused of killing more than a hundred civilians in an air strike on Mosul last month. Airwars, a journalist-led monitoring group that covers coalition airstrikes against ISIS, put the civilian death toll at 2,800 since the start of the operation against the terrorist group. The Pentagon has said it is investigating recent reports of civilian deaths during coalition airstrikes. “We regret the unintentional loss of civilian lives ... and express our deepest sympathies to the families and others affected by these strikes,” the Pentagon said Saturday.