Penn State Leads Sex-Assault Cases

An analysis of forcible sexual assault on campuses by the federal government found that Pennsylvania State University had the highest number of cases in 2012 with 56. Penn State was followed by the University of Michigan, which had 34, and Harvard University, which had 31. When it comes to per capita offenses, Gallaudet University had the highest rate, with 11.39 cases per 1,000 students. Grinnell College, Reed College, and Amherst College followed Gallaudet. The analysis found that 55 percent of colleges in the survey (which included schools with 1,000 or more enrolled students) had at least one incident of forcible sexual assault. Some noticeably large schools that didn’t report any cases of forcible sexual assault, such as the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. That’s not necessarily a good thing. “We’ve got to explain to the public that they should not hold a university responsible for some failure if the number of sexual-assault reports goes up,” said Sen. Claire McCaskill, who has focused on campus sexual-assault policy. “They’re worried that people won’t understand that means they’re doing a better job.”