Pence Cuts Asia Trip Short

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has reportedly decided to cut his 10-day Asia trip short and rush back to Washington, where President Trump is preparing for a stressful week of tax-overhaul and do-or-die government funding plans. Pence had originally planned to spend two nights in Honolulu after visiting South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and Australia, but he will now spend one day in Hawaii before returning Tuesday morning, an aide told reporters Monday. Plans for Pence to tour the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor have been cut out of the itinerary, the aide said, though Pence still intends to meet with leaders of the U.S. Pacific Command. The scheduling change comes as Trump braces for a potential government shutdown if he can’t get lawmakers to approve a new funding bill by Friday, when money will run out. Trump also plans to unveil his plans for a tax overhaul this week, having promised the public a “big announcement” Wednesday.