Health Care

Pelosi's Two-Track Plan for Reform

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi floated a possible two-track plan for passing the health-care bill—Congress would work on an easier-to-pass list of incremental changes to the legislation now and a full reform bill later. Pelosi said this would allow lawmakers to simultaneously work on the bill itself and the changes to it. Pushing back against reports this week that interest in the health-care bill was waning among members of her caucus, Pelosi said, "We have to get it done.... What the process is doesn't matter. The outcome is what is important." But she stressed again that she did not have the votes to pass the Senate bill as is. "I don't see that as an option. But I do think that we're in range to make some improvements in it that will make it more affordable for the middle class, which is essential. Hold the insurance companies more accountable. Those two things are essential to us."