Pelosi, Reid at Odds on Afghan War

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rolled her eyes and flinched on Tuesday as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid put an arm around her and insisted that "everyone" would support "whatever" Obama's Afghanistan policy turned out to be. Now there's speculation that the two are feuding over the war. Whatever her actual level of annoyance, Politico suggests that if Obama decides to send more troops to Afghanistan, in accordance with Gen. Stanley McChrystal's wishes, the move could set off an internal party struggle. Pelosi seems to favor a small force focused on anti-terrorism on the Pakistan border, reflecting the views of the anti-war voters who swept Democrats to power. For his part, Reid is waiting for a cue from Obama, but his precarious 2010 reelection campaign could benefit from a hawkish approach to the war that would bring in moderate and conservative voters from Nevada.