Pay Sarah Palin’s Legal Bills!

Perhaps she can use some of this money for her looming custody battle with Levi Johnston? Sarah Palin is setting up a legal defense fund to raise money to pay for her $500,000 worth of legal bills. The fund will “provide a legal and proper way for the governor's supporters to help her respond to these frivolous complaints that have been leveled, keeping her from being able to do her job and ... really harassing her,” a member of the Palin team said. And, to seemingly preempt anything that could possibly go wrong, Palin’s announced that she will only accept donations of $150 or less, that no money can come from lobbyists, and that the names of all contributors will be made public. The debt comes, in part, from the Trooper Gate scandal. About a dozen ethics complaints have been filed against Palin in the past four months.