Paula Deen's Culinary Beauty Regime

In the October issue of Allure magazine, Southern cooking queen Paula Deen dishes about “her recipe for looking good,” a treatment that is one part steam from pots in her kitchen and one part Chanel face cream. “The thing that has helped my skin more than anything is being in my kitchen, constantly looking down into deep, hot pots. The steam and heat keep my pores clean,” says Paula, who also admits to wearing false eyelashes, saying, “I wouldn’t take out the trash without ’em.” But has she ever had any problems wearing falsies in the kitchen? “I stuck my head in a hot oven once while cooking and they burned down to nothing,” she says. “You have to be careful with the heat.” Deen, known for the insane amounts of butter she pours into every dish, also thinks Southern cuisine could have something to do with her flawless skin. “Southern food takes a bad rap,” she says, “but I grant you, we eat more vegetables than any other region. So what if they’ve got a little ham hock in them!”