Paul Rep. Denounces Huntsman Attack

The primaries have only just started and the advertisements are already hitting candidates below the belt. A recently released pro–Ron Paul Web ad suggests Jon Hunstman is a “Manchurian candidate,” citing his Mandarin language skills, his role as an ambassador to China, and even his adopted Chinese daughter. NHLiberty4Paul, the group that posted the ad to YouTube, even went so far as to include an image of Huntsman dressed up as Mao Zedong. While speaking to a group of college students in Concord, N.H., Huntsman called the ad “stupid” and urged Paul to denounce it if he's not affiliated with the group responsible—and he's done just that. The Texas congressman’s spokesman insisted in an email to Politico that the Paul campaign was in no way involved in the ad and thinks “the video is disgusting. Whoever put that up should remove it immediately.”