Gov Race

Paterson Running in 2010

New York Governor David Paterson has joined the apparently increasing ranks of people who disagree with Barack Obama, announcing that he plans to run for re-election in 2010, despite the president’s alleged advice not to run. In an interview with Meet the Press, Paterson said that, contrary to reports, Obama never directly told him to drop out and “can’t say” what exactly the president’s thoughts are on the issue. Paterson has been criticized consistently over the past several months, beginning with his treatment of Caroline Kennedy’s short-lived Senate candidacy. Paterson acknowledged the onslaught of recent problems, saying, “I’m blind, but I’m not oblivious.” Nonetheless, he seems confident that he can turn around his poll numbers before the election, and is committed to remain in the race. “You don’t give up because everybody’s telling you what the future is,” he said.