Red Carpet

Patel and Pinto Say They're Not Dating

Slumdog Millionaire stars Dev Patel and Frieda Pinto told Ryan Seacrest that despite reports, they’re absolutely not a couple; they then had their interview ambushed by costar Anil Kapoor. The two children who played the youngest versions of Patel and Pinto’s characters, Azharrudin Ismail and Rubiana Ali, also wowed on the red carpet – only days ago, they were in their homes in the slums of Mumbai, a place they’d never left in their lives. Best Actress nominee Melissa Leo (Frozen River) adorably told Seacrest she had a “delightful day” of getting ready. And Supporting Actress nominee Viola Davis, who starred opposite Meryl Streep in Doubt, referred to her venerated costar as the “500-pound gorilla of acting.”