Party Crashers Had Some Help

After Michaele and Tareq Salahi instantly became the world’s most famous party crashers at President Obama's first state dinner, the question on everyone’s mind is how the fame-hungry couple managed to make it past White House security. Gawker offers a theory: The Salahis had help in the form of an old friend: Ambassador Arun K. Singh, the Indian Embassy’s polo liaison. The couple is tight with Singh, as Mr. Salahi is in the midst of organizing the 2010 America’s Polo Cup, a match between India and the U.S., and his statements after the White House dinner referred exclusively to the match. According to the site, the most likely explanations are that Singh either wrangled them an invite and forgot to put their names on the list (hence their car getting turned away), or that the Salahis were confident enough in the connection to show up uninvited.