Paltrow Not All About Macrobiotics

Be gone, uptight image. Gwyneth Paltrow wants the world to know she is "less of a square than people think." The actress graces the cover of Elle magazine, on newsstands tomorrow, but some of her notable quotes are making the rounds. The biggest misconception about her, she claims, is "that I'm a goody two-shoes. I'm not. And that I'm a strict macrobiotic." She waxes rhapsodic on cigarettes: "Man, I wish smoking didn't kill you. I'd be smoking right now... Cigarettes were my upper, they were my downer. I would think with them, write with them," and reveals her favorite beer is Guinness. To the naysayers of her web site Goop, she says, "I am who I am. I can't pretend to be somebody who makes £15,000 a year. That would be completely inauthentic... And f*** the haters!"