Palin: We Can't Predict 2012

As the nation moves on from 24/7 Michael Jackson coverage, Sarah Palin will gladly fill the void. The Alaska governor graces the cover of the new issue of Time magazine, in which she keeps the door wide open for a presidential run. "I cannot predict what's going to happen," she said. "I was telling Todd today, I was saying, 'Man, I wish we could predict the next fish run so that we know when to be out on the water.' We can't predict the next fish run, much less what's going to happen in 2012." The magazine dubs her "the renegade"—as opposed to "the maverick"—and suggests timing plus lack of experience could actually work to Palin's advantage. But even close adviser and fundraiser John Coale is trying to caution her on how to make it work: "She made the mistake that every time someone attacked her, she'd fight back."