Palin Unprepared for Latino Issues

According to one of John McCain's top advisers on Hispanic issues, Sarah Palin was so uninformed about Latino issues and Latin American policy that she had to pull out of a scheduled Univision interview at the last moment. Ana Navaros, a GOP consultant, told Univision anchor Jorge Ramos that Palin "did not feel comfortable speaking about issues regarding Hispanics and Latin America" when she was to be interviewed by Ramos alongside McCain last year. Another source says that the interview cancellation was a "near-crisis situation," as McCain staffers hoped that Ramos wouldn't say why Palin had decided not to appear. Navarro says that after the cancellation, she was asked to travel with the vice presidential candidate and "brief her on those issues." Ramos eventually did sit down with Palin in an interview where the former governor of Alaska admitted that she didn't know how many illegal immigrants were in Alaska. Palin aide Jason Rechner says that Navarro was there "not to prep on Hispanic issues... [but] to prep on John McCain's stance on Hispanic issues."