Palin to Pal Around at Dinner

The Mean Girls-esque GOP fundraiser/Sarah Palin drama has finally been resolved: Palin will be attending tonight’s Republican fundraiser after being disinvited to speak at the event for the second time. The National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee abruptly told Sarah Palin on Saturday night that she would no longer be allowed to address the dinner. It was the second time that the committees snubbed Palin—they originally invited her to headline the event, but after she issued a press release announcing her appearance, they invited Newt Gingrich instead. Then, last week, she was invited again to speak and then again disinvited—apparently “out of respect” for Gingrich. Organizers reached out to Palin after she decided not to attend the event altogether—now she will sit with John Cornyn and her husband, but make no remarks.