Palin Stylist Speaks

The Manhattan stylist behind the Sarah Palin’s controversial $150,000 campaign wardrobe has come forward to clarify some details now Palin has published Going Rogue. Lisa A. Kline was asked to dress Palin on a Friday afternoon. She shopped around New York at Saks and Barneys before heading to the convention on Labor Day. The day before the family's national debut, Kline was informed she had to dress the entire Palin clan—plus Levi Johnston—so Kline got Minneapolis’ Neiman Marcus to open at 7 a.m. After 90 minutes of breathless shopping, the purchases were rung up, and Kline was told it "had been prearranged." But a "breakdown in communication" occurred, according to a Palin staffer, who said the huge bill was never officially approved. Kline, though, was happy with her work: "I felt I had achieved my goal.” And contrary to Going Rogue, Kline never worked for Palin nemesis Katie Couric.