Anyone But Obama

Palin Still Hasn't Endorsed Romney

Sarah Palin failed to mention Mitt Romney while speaking at a RightOnline conference in Las Vegas last Friday—furthering the impression that she's not fully on board with his presidential campaign (unlike almost all of the other symbolically significant GOPers, she still hasn't endorsed him). Today, the former Alaska governor took to Fox News to explain herself. Talking about the Republican presidential hopeful at the Vegas event "would have violated the ground rules for Americans for Prosperity Foundation," she told Sean Hannity on Tuesday. Palin's objective at this particular conference was actually to "point out the hypocrisy and double standards and weaknesses of the old media and how the new citizen-journalist media can rise up and take the place of what the old media used to represent." While she didn't make a point of talking about Romney, she did find an opportunity or two to mock President Obama.