Palin Staff Delays Release of Emails

Maybe they’re hoping that eventually people will just forget about the whole thing. For the 15th time, Sarah Palin’s former staff from her time as governor of Alaska has asked for a delay in the release of official emails. The 25,000 emails were sent by the governor, her husband and her staff. In 2008, Palin got into trouble after it was revealed she had been conducting official business from her personal Yahoo account, the contents of which were eventually published by WikiLeaks. Past releases of Palin’s official emails revealed the profound influence her husband enjoyed during her time in office, and raised concerns about conflicts of interest with his employer, an oil company. If this extension is granted—a request it is within the attorney general’s power to grant—the release of requested emails will have been delayed for 986 days, 20 days longer than Palin was in office.