Palin Ready to Challenge Obama in 2012

Sarah Palin’s ambitions did not end in November, reports The Sunday Times of London. The Alaska governor ended last year with a striking run of personal successes in popularity polls. Gallup said she was the second most admired woman of the year, after Hillary Clinton. Time magazine placed her as the world’s fourth most influential person after Obama, Treasury Secretary Paulson, and French President Sarkozy. “Palin continues to excite Republican voters enthralled by what they see as a unique political style that could one day put paid to Obama,” reports the paper, adding, “She has not returned to the Alaska governor’s office to lick her wounds.” An internet campaign is promoting Palin as the Republicans’ best chance of beating Obama in 2012. More than 60,000 have joined that unites Catholics for Sarah, Texans for Palin, and Small Business-Owners for Sarah. “However bizarrely her family behaves and however brutally she is mocked by smug Obama supporters,” reports Tony Allen-Mills, “Palin remains an unsinkable star whom many Republicans are now gleefully comparing with Caroline Kennedy.”