Palin Not Thinking About 2012—Yet

Sarah Palin kicked off her book-tour blitz Monday on The Oprah Winfrey Show, telling the talk-show hostess that a 2012 bid for president is "not on my radar screen right now." Palin continued "going rogue" with her comments, denying she was somehow to blame for the GOP's failed presidential race, insisting she didn't need a title to feel important, and saying that the McCain campaign should have handled her daughter's pregnancy better. The former governor continued her complaints with Katie Couric, who she calls "the perky one... with the microphone." Palin says she didn't prepare much for her interview with Couric because "it was supposed to be a light-hearted thing," and felt slighted by the anchorwoman's line of questioning about her reading habits. Levi Johnston was off-limits for most of the conversation, but Palin managed to get in one jab, labeling his Playgirl pictorial "porn."