Palin Makes Friends in India

India welcomed Sarah Palin with open arms this weekend, giving her top billing at an annual international conference previously attended by Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Colin Powell, and other political heavyweights. Introduced as the "sexiest brand in Republican politics," Palin touched on many topics during her speech on Saturday—including her disapproval of green energy—but mainly focused on alliances between India and the United States, saying the two countries will lead the world together in the 21st century. She briefly offered condolences to Japan's people and applauded their "humble cooperative spirit." Asked about whether or not she will run for president next year, she replied that there doesn't need "to be a rush" to announce whether or not she will run and that it was a "life-changing decision that so affects a family." It was a whirlwind trip for Palin, who brought her husband along as well; since the Taj Mahal was closed on Friday during their free day, the Palins took in a glitzy new shopping mall in New Delhi instead.