Palin Goes Fishing With Press

A strange week in Alaska just got a whole lot stranger: Former governor Sarah Palin conducted her first interview since resigning from office—while fishing for salmon. According to Fox News, Palin was coy about her presidential plans, spent time blasting her critics, but dished out plenty of criticism for President Obama. Palin presented herself as "pretty darn independent" as she criticized the "obsessive partisanship" in Washington. When it came to 2012, Palin said she did not know what the future holds. And as she loaded reporters and news crews into small fishing boats and led them onto Bristol Bay, Palin said: "Average, hard-working Americans need to be able to get out there, unrestrained, and fight for what is right. Fight for energy independence and national security, fight for a smaller government instead of this big government overgrowth that Obama is ushering in."