Rogue Warfare

Palin Emails Tell Different Story

Are things this frosty on the Going Rogue tour bus? Marc Ambinder uses some internal campaign emails to reconstruct the chaos of Palin’s “rogue” days. The boiling point came on October 15, when Palin was scheduled to land in New Hampshire. After originally trying to cancel the trip so that she could cook that morning with Rachael Ray—the campaign said absolutely not—she balked at being asked to shake former Massachusetts governor Paul Cellucci’s hand, and he was forced to go through three rounds of “permission” in order to get his handshake. Palin was also a prima donna about who she allowed on her campaign bus. She vetoed plans to have Curt Schilling’s wife tag along with her. Ambinder ends with an October 16 email, when Palin told her traveling staff she would no longer do radio interviews in her car or news interviews after rallies, and that she was unhappy that Senator Richard Burr was allowed on her bus. “I don’t know what else to tell you,” the aide who wrote the email ends.