Palin Attacks Levi on Oprah

Does Sarah Palin read The Daily Beast? “I hear [Levi Johnston] goes by the name Ricky Hollywood now,” Palin tells Oprah Winfrey in her interview on Monday—a nickname that Johnston mentioned when he went shopping with The Daily Beast’s Renata Espinosa. Then, despite earlier reports that Palin played nice during the interview, she goes on then to attack Johnston, the father of her grandchild. “We don't want to mess up this gig he's got going… Kind of this aspiring, aspiring porn—the things that he's doing. It's kind of heartbreaking." When Oprah asks if “porn” is a reference to Johnston’s Playgirl shoot, Palin says, “I call that porn, yes. So it’s a bit heartbreaking to see the road that he’s on right now.”