Pakistanis Flee Bursting Dam

Three weeks of catastrophic flooding, and Pakistan’s plight continues to worsen. Shahdadkot, a city of half a million people in Pakistan’s Sindh province, was forced to evacuate following a second wave of monsoon flooding that left some houses submerged to their rooftops. Floodwaters are expected to recede over the next few days, but the mass homelessness, destroyed infrastructure, and overcrowding of refugees will likely pose a continued disaster. Already, the World Health Organization says that reports of diarrhea have increased 30 percent. "The depth of suffering is incalculable as risks escalate of diarrhea, acute respiratory infection, malaria and other communicable diseases," said a doctor with WHO. Meanwhile, the U.N. has received about 70 percent of the $460 million it requested to help the 20 million people left homeless by the flooding, and the International Monetary Fund has scheduled a meeting for next week to discuss the economic impact of the disaster.