Pakistani Army Major Arrested

Pakistani officials announced Tuesday an army official with the rank of major has been arrested in connection to Faisal Shahzad, who’s confessed to trying to bomb Times Square on May 1. The arrest of marks the first time a military official has been linked to the failed terrorist attack. While the details of the connection are still murky, anonymous sources said the major and Shahzad had been in cell phone contact, but did not say for how long. Tuesday’s arrest comes days after officials arrested a Pakistani Taliban member, who allegedly acted as a liaison between the Taliban and Shahzad and told investigators the Taliban played a major role in the attempted terrorist attack. Although Pakistani authorities originally underscored the Taliban’s involvement, they said they are now investigating a trip Shahzad and the liaison took together in Pakistan in 2009. Meanwhile, Shahzad appeared in Manhattan federal court Tuesday, making it his first public appearance since his arrest on May 3.