Pakistan Floods Kill At Least 730

On Sunday, Pakistan officials cited 730 deaths resulting from the widespread floods in northwestern Pakistan as waters began to recede. Earlier reports that the deluges had killed 1,100 were deemed not credible. Rescue workers, meanwhile, rushed to save about 27,000 other trapped people, officials said. “Whole villages have washed away, animals have drowned, and grain storages have washed away,” said Latifur Rehman, spokesman for the Provincial Disaster Management Authority. “The destruction is massive and devastating.” And the toll, said a disaster-management official, could climb higher. Some 30,000 army troops have been deployed in the region so far; more than 20,700 people have been rescued; and estimates suggest that more than 1 million people nationwide have been affected by the floods. "We have lost everything: our houses, our crops, cattle," said one local.