Own a Piece of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s financial woes predate the current economic crisis, but it seems, nevertheless, that the King of Pop will begin auctioning off his possessions alongside the rest of America’s struggling homeowners. In April, Jackson will auction off over 2,000 of his items from the Neverland Ranch, and over the weekend, The Observer scored a preview of the sale, including a slideshow. Items up for sale include: A portrait of Jackson in royal regalia (expected price $4,000-6,000); a rhinestone-encrusted latex glove ($1,000-1,500) and socks ($600-800); an electric cart with an image of Michael Jackson as Peter Pan airbrushed on its hood ($4,000-6,000); an MTV music video award from 1985 ($6,000-8,000); Jackson’s self-designed Rolls Royce limousine ($140,000-160,000); and the prop “scissorhands” from Edward Scissorhands ($4,000-5,000).