Oreo Cookies Have Been Lying to You

Not cool, Nabisco. While helping his students with course material, math teacher Dan Anderson discovered that the filling in a "Double Stuf" Oreo isn't exactly double. His school project—to weigh the creme filling inside regular, Double and Mega" Oreos and then compare—unveiled some pretty shady results. "We weighed 10 of each—Double Stuf, Mega Stuf, and regular," the Queensbury, N.Y., teacher said. "And we weighed five wafers alone to deduct from the total." The result: Double Stuf Oreos were only 1.86 times the size of regular Oreos, while the Mega Oreos were only 2.68 times the size of regular Oreos. However, a Nabisco spokesperson told ABC News, "I can confirm for you that our recipe for the Oreo Double Stuf Cookie has double the Stuf, or creme filling, when compared with our base, or original Oreo cookie."