On the Ground in Gaza

What was it like in Gaza during Israel’s assault? Journalists were banned from the area, so they’re attempting to find out now. Writing for The Abu Dhabi National, Jack Shenker attempts to reconstruct the attack on Khoza’a, a village in southern Gaza. Shenker’s account is contentious—including allegations that the Israel Defense Forces intentionally targeted civilians and used white phosphorus—and incredibly violent: a man is “split in half,” a child is “falling apart.” “By the time night fell on January 13th, 14 residents of Khoza’a had been killed, 50 lay wounded, and 213 had been taken to hospital for gas inhalation. Given the scale of destruction wrought by the invading army Khoza’a’s death toll was remarkably low. Indeed, the village’s story is significant largely because it is so ordinary,” he writes.