Person of Interest

Oksana Grigorieva: Mel Gibson's Russian Girlfriend

When rumors swirled that Mel Gibson had cheated on his wife with a Russian woman named “Oksana” rumors swirled over her identity. Now speculation can be laid to rest: Pianist Oksana Grigorieva appeared with Gibson last night on the red carpet of X-men Wolverine’s premiere in Los Angeles. Who is Grigorieva? A 2003 profile from Pravda offers a clue: Born in 1970, Grigorieva has studied piano since she was four. Once attached to James Bond star Timothy Dalton, Grigorieva must have also left some impression on Senator Ted Kennedy—they met at a fundraiser for Bill Clinton in Washington while she played the keys, and he helped her parents visit the States after their visas were initially declined by officials. She seems to have settled down with Mel: Reports are circulating that a baby is on its way for Grigorieva and Gibson. Oksana’s friends told, “Many went abroad, but she did an impossible thing: married a principal bachelor Dalton and born a baby for him!” Looks like she might have just done it again.