Oklahoma Man Accused of Stabbing Wife 41 Times Arrested in Dallas Airport

An Oklahoma man who was accused of stabbing his wife 41 times in front of her children in 2013 was arrested in an airport Thursday, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports. Luis Octavio Frias, 34, was reportedly arrested at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport after running away to Mexico following the murder of his wife, Janett Reyna. Frias allegedly attacked Reyna while she was entering her home on Aug. 8, 2013, two days after she filed a protective order against Frias. According to an arrest warrant, Frias allegedly skipped town one day after the murder and went to his aunt’s house in Kansas. From there, his aunt allegedly dropped him off at a bus station to catch the “Los Paisanos bus”—which would take him to Mexico. Frias was reportedly wanted for first-degree murder and avoiding prosecution. According to the newspaper, friends of Reyna’s created a Change.org petition to have Frias extradited from Mexico one year after Reyna’s death.