Oklahoma City Bombing Figure Sues Over Prison Food

This week, prison officials in Denver have asked a judge to throw out a lawsuit filed by Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols over the quality of prison food. In the complaint, filed in February against the SuperMax federal prison in Colorado where he resides, Nichols requested more whole grains in his diet. Specifically, he'd like "a meal program of 100 percent whole-grain foods naturally high in insoluable [sic] fiber... more fresh raw vegetables and fresh fruits, supplemented with, or access to, a wheat-bran product." Nichols goes on to say that just as Jews and Muslims in prison are provided with special food, so he should be, too. Nichols states that he "sincerely believes that God created mankind to consume unrefined whole foods, with its natural insoluble fiber, etc., that works in a synergistic way to keep one’s body (i.e., God’s holy temple) in good health to ward off various diseases." Denver prison officials and lawyers with the U.S. Attorney's Office argue that Nichols' claim is unsubstantiated, and that he has not proven how his diet burdens his Christianity.