Ohio Passes ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Bill

Ohio lawmakers on Tuesday passed the strictest abortion law in the nation. The “heartbeat bill” would outlaw the procedure once a fetal heartbeat can be detected—at about six weeks. “This bill—which was tacked on as a last-minute amendment to a child-abuse prevention bill—makes no exceptions for rape or incest victims,” Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus Chair Kathy DiCristofaro said. “It is cruel and plainly unconstitutional—but it seems like Ohio Republicans don’t care about the Constitution. Trump’s vision for America is already alive and well in the Buckeye State.” Similar laws in other states have failed over fear of being ruled unconstitutional in federal courts. “A new president, new Supreme Court appointees change the dynamic, and there was consensus in our caucus to move forward,” said Republican Senate President Keith Faber. “I think it has a better chance than it did before.” Ohio Gov. John Kasich has said on more than one occasion that he opposes the legislation.