Officials Weigh Housing Options for Tornado Victims

Days after a string of tornados ripped through the American south, killing at least 346 people and leaving behind catastrophic physical damage, officials are considering how to house the thousands left without shelter. According to the American Red Cross, 1,100 victims woke up in emergency shelters on Saturday, 700 of them in the neediest parts of Alabama. Officials have praised FEMA's "proactive" response, but the homeless aren't thrilled about the option the federal agency is considering: temporary trailer homes. "Unh-unh," one storm victim in Tuscaloosa, Ala. said. "What if another tornado comes?" Hordes of volunteers have been helping cook food and deliver water and clothing, and FEMA is hoping to reach a housing solution soon to avoid the catastrophes that resulted from flimsy emergency housing during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath in 2005.