O'Donnell Didn't Attend Oxford

Perhaps this is one of Christine O'Donnell's less outrageous claims: The Plum Line has investigated the Republican Senate candidate's LinkedIn profile, where she lists the prestigious Oxford University in the United Kingdom as one of her alma maters. She elaborates the nature of her time there by stating that she studied "Post Modernism in the New Millennium." In reality, O'Donnell merely attended a summer program administered by the Phoenix Institute, which teaches courses pertaining to the question "What is it to be human?" on three different continents. The Institute happened to be renting space at Oxford the summer O'Donnell enrolled in a course. Chris Fletcher, who oversaw the Institute's 2001 Oxford Summer Programme (which administered the course O'Donnell took) said, "It wasn't sponsored by Oxford University. We rented the space," adding, "It was our curriculum, and we did the grades...It's misleading." This is not the first time O'Donnell has been caught manipulating her educational record. While she only received a BA from Fairleigh Dickinson University last year, she claimed for many years that she'd already been granted a degree.