Final Days

O’Donnell Defends First Amendment IQ

Christine O’Donnell, the Tea Party star running for senator of Delaware, says she knows what the First Amendment is and remains confident she can achieve a surprise win (The Daily Beast’s Election Oracle puts her odds of victory at just 10 percent.) O’Donnell elicited laughter from the audience of Tuesday night’s debate when she asked her Democratic opponent, Chris Coons, to show her where in the constitution it mandates the separation of church and state. In interview with ABC News, she says she was asking for the exact phrase “separation of church and state,” which does not appear in the constitution, and that she thinks she actually showed her opponent’s ignorance of the constitution and that the media has inverted the story. She also regrets running her infamous TV ad that opens with “I am not a witch.” She wanted to put a rest to questions about her remark she “dabbled in witchcraft” but it backfired.