Prying Eyes

Obamas' Tax Returns

Baby, he's a rich man. To acknowledge Tax Day, the White House released the Obamas' and Bidens' tax returns. In 2008, the Obamas had an adjusted gross income of $2,657,000 and paid some $855,000 in federal income taxes (32% of their income). 6.5% of their income ($172,000) went to charity, including $25K each to CARE and the United Negro College Fund. By contrast, the Bidens earned $269,000 in 2008 ($183,300 after taxes) but donated a mere $1,900 to charity, less than 1% of their eranings. The White House issued a statement explaining the Bidens' seeming tight-fistedness: "They donate to their church, and they contribute to their favorite causes with their time, as well as their checkbooks."