Obama's Speech Causes Arrests

The pomp and circumstance is finally taking place Sunday but abortion rights protestors at the University of Notre Dame haven’t slowed down. On Friday, 20 protestors, including former presidential hopeful Alan Keyes and a 78-year-old priest, were arrested while demonstrating against the decision to award President Obama with an honorary degree. He will also make the commencement address at the Catholic university where some conservatives are saying his invitation violates a 2004 order by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops that states Roman Catholic institutions should not “honor figures whose public stances violate church teachings.” Obama can count on one vocal supporter: former New York governor Mario Cuomo, whose invitation to the university 25 years ago was met with similar protests calling him a “baby killer.” Cuomo said the invite is “saying he's a good man and a good president and we wish him well and we're gratified the president of the United States would come to this university and honor us with” his presence.