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Obama's Next Commerce Choice

What skeletons does former Washington Governor Gary Locke have in his closet? We’ll know soon: He is President Obama’s latest choice to head up the Commerce Department. According to The Wall Street Journal, Obama’s third choice for the job "is viewed as generally business-friendly and pro-trade. He is likely to provide a sympathetic ear to multinational firms in the administration." Locke, 59, was the first Chinese American elected governor in the US. His work history includes international business law, particularly with regards to America-China relations. Locke took a break from his political career in 2005, citing a desire to spend time with his family. Many have speculated, however, that an avalanche of chilling threats to his family's safety following Locke's 2003 rebuttal of President Bush's State of the Union address may have contributed to the former governor's retreat from the spotlight.