Obamas Hit London

Gordon Brown has, apparently, forgiven Obama over the DVDs: The president and first lady were greeted today at 10 Downing St. with a traditional welcome. At a joint press conference with Brown, a reporter asked Obama to comment on European football. "I did not get a briefing on that, but I sense that would be a mistake,” the president said. The Standard also notes that tonight, Michelle Obama will attend a “girls night” at 10 Downing St. with Brown’s wife, Sarah, JK Rowling, and Naomi Campbell, among others. According to the Daily News, meanwhile, the Obamas spent their flight from Washington reviewing the protocols of royal etiquette for their meeting with Queen Elizabeth, such as “you may touch the queen’s hand but not shake it,” and, if the Queen stops eating, then everyone else must too. President Bush offended the Queen by winking at her and joking that she’s been around since 1776.