Obama Wishes Cheney Well

Can't a guy just have a heart attack in peace? Dick Cheney has been getting all sorts of comments in the wake of his minor heart attack—his fifth in the last thirty years. President Obama called Cheney to wish him well in a rare ceasefire of their public enmity over Obama's stance on national security, The New York Times reports. Biden also called his predecessor, who previously told a conservative political conference that Obama would be "a one-term president." The recovering Cheney's absence from Friday morning's closed-door Bush-Cheney alumni breakfast was noted by former President Bush, who said that Cheney "is feeling well" and "has a fierce constitution," according to Politico. Bush went on to joke about his new book, due out Nov. 8, saying, "This is going to come as quite a shock to people up here that I can write a book, much less read one."