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Obama Urges Dems to Stay Positive

After a series of potentially crippling setbacks for Democrats, Barack Obama is urging his party to look on the bright side and at a meeting among party leaders on Saturday said, “We have to acknowledge that change can’t come quickly enough […] we can’t return to the dereliction of duty.” He also stressed the importance of bipartisan outreach in order to pass the long-debated health-care reform bill though Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell was feeling less friendly and said of Democrats, “If they get past this arrogant phase that they have been stuck in about a year, if they can work their way past that and concentrate on the real problem which is cost, we are willing to look at it.” Even so, DNC Chairman Tim Kaine echoed Obama’s call for optimism saying, “the ghost of Harry Truman would kill us if he heard us complaining about having only 59 Democratic senators.”