Obama Teams With Spider-Man

Next Wednesday Marvel Comics releases Spiderman comic book number 583 in which the arachnid superhero prevents the Chameleon from disrupting Obama’s inauguration. Obama shows his gratitude by fist bumping the super hero and continuing with the swearing in. At one point, Spider-Man says he mistook Vice President-elect Joe Biden for the perennial Marvel villain the Vulture. The special inauguration issue will sell for $3.99, though comic book vendors expect it to be in short supply and quickly attain a premium price of as much as $20. Presidents have been supporting characters in comic strips before: During World War II, superheroes fought Hitler as Franklin Roosevelt cheered them on. John F. Kennedy appeared in Action Comics #309 in 1963, when he helped protect Clark Kent's secret identity. "If I can't trust the president of the United States, who can I trust?" Superman tells Kennedy.