Obama Swastika Found on Golf Course

This ought to throw off one’s short game: The Secret Service is investigating a swastika found carved next to Obama’s name on a golf course in Lakeville, Massachusetts on Monday. Lakeville Country Club owner Gary Mosca said groundskeepers found the letter ”I,” followed by a swastika, and “Obama” chiseled next to the 18th hole in a layout similar to “I heart New York.” Mosca’s home is a few hundred yards from the 18th hole but he didn’t see who carved the 20 by 30-foot symbols, and the markings were made in an area without surveillance cameras. “They are going to do this stuff and cause a problem just to be anti-establishment or just to be tough guys. Their minds are probably demented enough to think of anything,” Mosca said, adding, “I love the president. I think he’s a great guy.”