Obama Stumps for Corzine

Can Obamamania save Jon Corzine's attempt to re-take New Jersey? The president made an appearance at two campaign rallies for the Democratic governor Sunday, trying to rally the mass of voters who contributed to his own presidential triumph. Obama has also appeared in Internet and television ads with Corzine, and the two are prominently featured on billboard ads together. The financially battered state has one of the highest property taxes in the nation, and Corzine has further inflamed voters by raising the sales tax, cutting funding to municipalities, and making union workers contribute to certain benefits for the first time. Corzine's campaign against Republican Chris Christie appeared to be on its death bed over the summer. He’s been able to claw himself back into the race with the help of three visits from Obama since July. The White House is eager for the Jersey win to counter Democrat Creigh Deeds’ expected defeat in the Virginia governor’s race.