Obama Streaker Gets 'Consolation Prize'

Talk about a broken promise. The billionaire who promised a $1 million reward to the first person to strip naked and streak in front of President Obama has instead opted to give the man who completed the task a decidedly smaller payout. Alki David, the billionaire shipping heir out to promote his new website, has given streaker Juan Rodriguez, an unemployed painter, a “generous consolation prize,” according to David. Rodriguez, a father of three infants, stripped naked in front of Obama during his speech at a rally in Germantown with David’s website’s name scrawled across his chest, yelling the website’s name six times before being hauled off. Rodriguez was jailed for 26 days and charged with indecency. On Thursday, David issued a statement saying Rodriguez agreed he was unable to “complete all the criteria of the challenge.” David will give Rodriguez money to cover six months rent for his Staten Island apartment, and pay some of the medical costs to treat his sick sister.